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  Sex Therapy Counseling
Focused on the physical and emotional aspects of sex and sexuality. Sex therapy can be done in individual sessions or couples counseling.
Individual Counseling Services Nairobi
Individual counseling may include resolving problems, adjusting to new or challenging life circumstances,enhancing relationships and increasing life satisfaction.working one-on-one with a trained therapist in a safe, caring, and confidential environment
    Couple Relationship Counseling
Counseling can improve relationships by helping couples – married or not married – recognize and resolve conflicts. In couples counseling, counselors help partners build healthier relationships by exploring their needs and improving how they communicate
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- Kenya Association Of Professional Counsellors

Australian Counseling Association (ACA)

Welcome Kisima Counseling Services - Marriage Counseling and Psychological Services center in Nairobi Kenya

Kisima Counseling Services in Nairobi Kenya is a private practice in Nairobi specializing in intensive outpatient therapy at our Clinic or agreed point of meeting.. We are Licensed and profesional Counselors in relationship problems, marriage and family issues, compulsive behavior, depression, codependency, anxiety, eating disorders and trauma resolution. We also provide sex therapy and help for sexual addiction.

In our Counseling services is a great way to gain perspective on your behavior, emotional wellbeing and relationships.Our skilled listeners who help you to clarify issues, discover your true wishes and feelings, and deal effectively with problems.

Psychologist can help you with most issues including relationship & marriage counseling, counseling for depression,anxiety, panic, anger management, grief, addictions, sexuality, relationships, trauma and abuse.You can access world class information on most common emotional, relationship and mental health issues.ind a therapist, find a psychologist, licensed therapist, therapist finder and psychotherapist.


Psychological Counseling Services in Nairobi Kenya
It help you to unfold what you are going through with a professional by helping you on how to handle your issues, psychologist helps you to see where the problem is coming from,how to separate the problem from the victim and address the issues in a sound mind. We help you to be the change you want to see and those around you when they see a change in you they will defently change. We attract what we want in life but all this start from what is in your thoughts. Qeustions you ask yourself should be: Where will my thoughts lead me?, Will these thoughts get me where i want to go?, Are my thought spiritually acceptable?, Will these thoughts build me up or tear me down?, Where did these thoughts originate?. when you get to answer your own question you get to the bottom of our issues and addressing them becomes easy.


Sex Therapy for couples and individuals Counseling Services available in Kenya
Sex Therapy can help improve your love life and physical intimacy.All couples and individuals go through phases where they don’t have the time or energy for regular sex as expected by their partners. If this has become the norm and you would like to rediscover your sex life, Relationship Sex Therapists can help you.
It’s natural to want more and better sex with your partner and sometimes there are specific reasons for your difficulties. Don’t be embarrassed about it,dont hold and keep quiet ask for help.

If sexual problems are preventing you from starting a family, sex therapy can address the psychological and physical issues and help you to conceive.

Whether you're single, married or in a relationship, gay, lesbian or straight, Sex Therapy can help you to improve your sex life and to overcome any specific sexual dysfunctions.

Marriage counseling and sex therapy services for couples. Schedule an appointment today with our sex therapists

  Marriage and family counseling Nairobi
  Meet our marriage and family therapists in Nairobi Kenya Who are excellent listeners and communicators. We are able to listen to each individual's concerns with an unbiased and non-judgmental Marriage and family counselors help work through problems and rebuild relationships. Sometimes couples seek them because they're trying to avoid divorce. Sometimes families need help working through a crisis or stressful time: a death in the family, an illness, a lay off. We are here to Help  
  Premarital Counseling Services Kenya

Premarital counseling Sevices in Nairobi Kenya With Kisima Counselling Services is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage. Premarital counseling can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship — giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.Save your Marriage before it starts.
Our premarital counsellor is SYMBIOS Certitifed (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts)


Counseling Services for Kenyan Men
Men conselling sevices adress on poor sexual performance, relationship concerns, a lack of a romantic desire, infidelity, or sexual addiction,emotional problems, domestic violence , sexual abuse, severe mental illness, substance abuse or a bad break up, anger issues or griefing over a loved one.At Kisima Counseling Services in Nairobi Kenya works to address men's health and sexual health needs.COUNSELING FOR MEN - SOLUTIONS WHEN YOU'RE 'STUCK' Save a Life,Moment,Disaster,Mend ways,Stand in the Gap,Take charge !

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